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Action Plan

Your Simple Life Planning PDF Tool. Planning no longer has to be hard.

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Choose Your Life Plan Theme

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Here’s How it Works:


Open CAP Plan using Free Adobe Reader.


Input Vital Information into CAP’s Fillable PDF’s.

  • Vital Contacts

  • Medical information

  • Location of Vital Documents

  • Accounts

  •  Passwords

  • Additional Contacts

  • Defined Wishes

  • Net Worth Calculator.


Save in a safe place.


Life Plan

The Life Plan is a personal GPS for your loved ones, guiding them through the twisty maze of paperwork and obligations in that first, emotionally dizzying week after a loss. 

Laptop with CAP Plan on screen

Plan Your Journey 

My Life Journal– it's your personal legacy and life adventure planner. It's more than a gift; it's a compass guiding generations yet to come, seamlessly blending past, present, and future.

My Life Journ Book printed

Plan with Family in Mind

Endless Comfort Cards


Celebrate birthdays, crack a joke at Christmas, even remind them to water the plants (we know they always forget). With Endless Comfort Cards, you'll be the lovable, comforting presence they need - even if you're busy chilling on a cloud somewhere! 

Endless Comfort Cards Sample Card

What People Are Saying...

McAuthur Clark, MI

“The CAP planning system is the easiest and most accessible tool to document, store and retrieve critical information when you family needs it most.  My parents are in their 80's now...We all have peace because we are getting clarity about what they want."

Paula Greene, CA

"Endless Comfort Cards is a must have because my mother in law thought enough about me during her last days of her illness to leave a birthday card knowing she wasn't going to make it.  It provides an opportunity to say your last good byes."

Ebony, CA

“The CAP Plan and Life Plan are very useful and has the ability to reduce stress and confusion during significant life events”
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