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Dive into a personal exploration with "My Life Journal", more than just a gift, it's a legacy planner that documents your unique life journey. Crafted as a compass for future generations, this journal seamlessly interweaves your past, present, and future, ensuring your stories, dreams, and philosophies are preserved for ages to come. Spanning 8 profound chapters and 61 pages filled with guided questions, it helps you articulate and capture the essence of who you are. From charting your current life and aspirations in "My Life (Now & Future)" and "My Dreams", to celebrating "My Achievements" and sharing heartfelt sentiments in "My Love for You", every chapter culminates in a beautifully curated narrative that will be cherished by those who come after you. Your legacy awaits.


My Life Journal

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$49.99Sale Price
  • My Life Journal is a legacy and adventure planner that captures the essence of your unique journey. Spread across 8 insightful chapters with 61 pages of guided questions, it helps you document your dreams, achievements, and heartfelt sentiments for future generations. More than just a gift, it's a timeless compass interweaving past, present, and future.


    Chapters Include:


    My Life (Now & Future)

    My Dreams

    My Philosophy

    My Achievements

    My Inspirations

    My Love for You

    My Hope For You

    How I See You


    File Format: PDF


    Recommend Software: Free Adobe Reader

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