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In the midst of grief, managing the practical aspects of a loved one's passing can be overwhelming. This comprehensive guide is tailored to offer step-by-step assistance during this challenging period.


1. Get Support

   - Navigate through the initial steps required to kickstart memorial services and estate plans, ensuring you never miss a beat.


2. Inform Immediately

   - Efficiently identify and notify key contacts such as beneficiaries, power of attorneys, and vital business affiliates linked with the estate plans.


3. First 7 Days

   - Benefit from a well-structured, pre-written (yet customizable) 7-day plan, easing the daunting task of executing your loved one's memorial service.


4. Service Plans & Responsibilities

   - Collaborate effortlessly with others by assigning tasks related to the memorial service. Also included are indispensable resources like an obituary template and a guide on crafting a heartwarming eulogy.


5. Immediate Business Action

   - Follow a detailed roadmap to liaise with agencies and businesses for settling affairs swiftly. Access essential templates, including a Bill Cancellation Letter, and a Responsibility Outline to ensure no task is left unaddressed.


6. Personal Support

   - Identify critical tasks that the deceased would have required assistance with. Simplify the process of delegating these duties to appropriate individuals or businesses, ensuring a seamless transition during a turbulent time.


For those navigating the complexities of loss, this guide promises clarity, guidance, and the support needed to honor your loved one while managing practicalities with ease.


Life Plan

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  • The Life Plan offers a comprehensive roadmap to navigate the challenging aftermath of a loved one's passing. From a structured 7-day plan for memorial services to templates for obituaries and eulogies, the guide simplifies immediate tasks and helps delegate responsibilities. With resources for personal and business affairs, it promises clarity and support during times of grief.


    File Format: PDF


    Recommend Software: Free Adobe Reader

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